Recognition of a childs potential at primary level

The strategic games laid and the plans framed for making physical education at primary level successful through primary PE resources has opened up the doors of recognition to every child's potential at the primary level.

Who can contribute?

Anyone, yes anyone. Every person has his/her share of knowledge and can share with any recipient. Anyone with creative ideas in the direction of laying a better foundation for children in healthy living, healthy lifestyles, better development at all levels such as physical, mental, emotional and social can contribute in developing primary PE resources.

Trained teachers:

Teaching a single child at home is so challenging. Even more challenging is teaching a group of children all coming from different societies, different backgrounds and different cultures and beliefs under one roof for the common interest and that is development. But, there are trained professionals who do the job just precisely. Teachers at primary level are themselves the best primary PE resources. And the knowledge they own, the experience they gain can help them develop such activities and courses that can be adopted as special programs in imparting physical education at primary level.

A trained teacher with a wide experience has experienced teaching the students coming in as different beings but learning all together as learners. So, the outcome they can generate as a resource with a common objective of imparting best physical education at the primary levels can be a potential resource in bringing about physical literacy.

Every pupil is different:

Each pupil is a combination of different abilities and opens the doors for various possibilities. But the recognition of the potential is not an easy task. It involves deep insight into the child's behavioral responses, both physical as well as mental. After recognizing only can a proper direction be given. One can adjust the sails of a ship only with the knowledge of wind's direction.